Silence speaks

Waves crash into sand Soft foam, white and luminescent Against the dark moonless sky. One frontline in an eternal battle. The sea is turbulent, the waves loud. A gusty wind is whistling. The din swallows words Drowning them in the depths. Occasionally, with little warning, The waves relent, the wind dies Into a silence as … Continue reading Silence speaks


Poets Anonymous

Day after day, we chance upon new people, in class, at work, on the subway. They are but ghosts, for we do not know them nor they us. Most do not elicit more than a glance. Strangers can be said to possess a certain invisibility. We may see faces and bodies attached to them but … Continue reading Poets Anonymous

Quenchua Forclaz 10* Hiking Sleeping Bag

Cheap but bulky. I made a huge mistake in purchasing this sleeping bag and I shall not recommend it to any of my fellow trekkers unless all you're going camping with a vehicle. Available at 1400 INR, it is one of the cheapest 10 degree sleeping bags available. However, there is a very good reason … Continue reading Quenchua Forclaz 10* Hiking Sleeping Bag