I received 800 rupees as prize money for winning a forensics contest at college. Now, any normal college student would have wasted (in my opinion) the substantial (again in my opinion) amount on food, gadgets or drinks (yes it does happen). But since I didn’t have any friends, I didn’t need to treat anyone like… Read More Satisfaction

My mother

It has in all these years, never once struck m to think of a candle burning as self sacrifice. Its true, and quite symbolic.Maybe that thought never occurred to me because self sacrifice always evokes in me, the image of a mother carrying a child. Is I because I’m very attached to my mother? Is… Read More My mother

Define victory

We all have our personal goals and little things that we may consider personal conquests. But is victory real?Each of us has a different perception of victory. I’m in university now and those differences are visible in all my peers.For me victory in an examination or test would be to be listed among the top… Read More Define victory


It has been ages since I’ve posted here…I don’t really have any photos worth posting here right now – which is sad. My academics had taken up more of my time than ever.But now, I’m in university and MAY have more time to pursue hobbies. It is also located away from urban jungles and hence… Read More Reconnect


India is a land of many -isms. This is, more often than not, not a proud fact.Casteism. One of the greatest evils of our times I’d say. It poses the gravest threat to the fabric of Indian society and democracy – even greater than terrorism.The caste system was introduced at a time when the general… Read More Casteism