Flipkart Billion Sale

Am I the only one not indulging in this murky online commerce?
Is this the future of commerce? Am I missing out on the next big thing? But then again, when have I ever done mainstream things?
The hostel is buzzing with prices, discounts and deals. Flipkart is the buzzword. Its trending everywhere, Twitter, Facebook and of course the traditional conversations (which are now hard to come by)!
Want to buy a USB pendrive for just one rupee? That’s a 100% discount according to the website. Even as I type, someone slaps his forehead muttering –  “SOLD OUT!!!”. Are we selling off a part of our culture and our living methods by buying from these online retailers? Whatever happened to the hard bargaining Indian?
It’s true that the deals being offered are too good to refuse. There is a side of me which wants to buy, to save money and enhance myself. It’s the other part that refuses to budge. Which part is more sensible? Which shall prevail? We must wait and watch!


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