India is a land of many -isms. This is, more often than not, not a proud fact.
Casteism. One of the greatest evils of our times I’d say. It poses the gravest threat to the fabric of Indian society and democracy – even greater than terrorism.
The caste system was introduced at a time when the general population was more disciplined and more ascetic. The caste system never meant to divide society. It is meant to divide WORK!
It was agreed that certain members of the societies would perform specific tasks. It was a perfect system (for that era) in that it gave rights balanced by responsibilities. For example, the kshatriyas would rule the land but were required to defend it from foes.
So do I support the caste system? Let me put it this way – if I lived a few thousand years ago, I would have wholeheartedly  supported the system. But in today’s world the caste system is not just problematic but also irrelevant.
There are no longer any constraints on the types of work a person is allowed to do. Even women are venturing into fields which were previously off-bounds to them. Just a few hundred years ago, people would’ve been burnt at the stake if they did what they are doing now! Since familial occupations are non-existent, the caste system must be done away with.
Hinduism is one of the most evolved religions. It has had innumerable subtle changes and mutations. It has survived so long only because of this flexibility and assimilation capability.. Each time a majority of the population feels something needs to be changed, a change occurs. Any change however, is painful and time-consuming. I believe Hinduism is on the crux of a change – a metamorphosis into something more beautiful than ever. I believe that castes are redundant and shall be non-existent by the end of my lifetime!


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