Define victory

We all have our personal goals and little things that we may consider personal conquests. But is victory real?
Each of us has a different perception of victory. I’m in university now and those differences are visible in all my peers.
For me victory in an examination or test would be to be listed among the top performers. For some others, it may be to outperform the top performers and for others still, it may be to merely pass.
Some idealistic people (such as myself to an extent) may consider victory through nefarious means a defeat. But for many practical people its only the victory that matters.
Some may shun alcohol and consider not consuming alcohol a victory. Some (even amongst my university-mates) consider alcohol consumption a victory – a symbol of their adulthood perhaps.
We can debate on the right side of each argument endlessly and never reach a consensus. The truth is, there is no victory. There are goals and there are paths that lead you there. Victory is abstract, an illusion. People who value victory most in life, are ultimately bound to face destruction.
Goals and priorities. Not victory and battle plans.


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