Because everyday is Mother’s Day

I don't need a day reserved in my calendar to appreciate my mother. She been a beacon of light and a pillar of support in my so far mediocre life.Even though she knows that I love and cherish her in spirit, it becomes important for human interaction to take a material form. I think of [...]


What is the reason lots of engineering students can’t get a good job in India?

There are quite a few reasons actually. I'll only list those issues which I have personally faced at my own college and leave the rest out because I haven't experienced the others first hand.Peer group: I had a miserable time in my first year. I was never the cool kid in school, but I'd joined [...]

First lab visit at CLRI

Since my internship started, I've been bored by the factory floors and cramped rooms filled with people and computers.CLRI is largely comprised of dilapidated buildings - it's run by the government. The interiors are brought up to some distant version of modernity and the exteriors are neglected. Nevertheless, they are renovating some sections. The one [...]


Today, I joined the Central Leather Research Institute as an intern. I shall be interning under Dr R C Panda in the Chemical Engineering department. He's a nice kind of man. He's very soft spoken. He looks and acts like a typical scientist, always keeps a neutral face just like me.Today, I visited the pilot [...]


I started this blog in my first semester. I have changed in many ways since then.Firstly I deleted a few posts I'd made earlier which don't seem relevant anymore.  I have realised that some of my friends have outgrown me. And I had not much say in that. I've realized the importance of making new [...]