Because everyday is Mother’s Day

I don't need a day reserved in my calendar to appreciate my mother. She been a beacon of light and a pillar of support in my so far mediocre life.Even though she knows that I love and cherish her in spirit, it becomes important for human interaction to take a material form. I think of … Continue reading Because everyday is Mother’s Day


What is the reason lots of engineering students can’t get a good job in India?

There are quite a few reasons actually. I'll only list those issues which I have personally faced at my own college and leave the rest out because I haven't experienced the others first hand.Peer group: I had a miserable time in my first year. I was never the cool kid in school, but I'd joined … Continue reading What is the reason lots of engineering students can’t get a good job in India?

Friday night triple threat hangout

Today, I hung out with my gang at Waf O'Bel in Nungambakkam. We had waffles and coffee. I hadn't seen the guys in a long time. I went there straight from work. It was nice to see them. I'm glad they'll be trekking with me next month. The waffles were nice but expensive. The coffee … Continue reading Friday night triple threat hangout

First lab visit at CLRI

Since my internship started, I've been bored by the factory floors and cramped rooms filled with people and computers.CLRI is largely comprised of dilapidated buildings - it's run by the government. The interiors are brought up to some distant version of modernity and the exteriors are neglected. Nevertheless, they are renovating some sections. The one … Continue reading First lab visit at CLRI