Morals of old

It’s funny how I see someone inspiring each time I travel! It’s also funny how all those people are old people!
Perhaps it is because man’s best qualities are best expressed when he faces his ultimate end. It is comparable to how the last pages of most books are very memorable.
Or maybe, it is because they are most powerless. And without it’s teeth, even a tiger is a noble animal. But one shouldn’t take the analogy too far, for a tiger is still a tiger.
On this particular day, I was inspired by an old man on my bus. The conductor had passed by his seat and he didn’t ask him to buy a ticket. This old man jumped up and called the conductor out with an urgency that is not expected of his age and bought a ticket.
Why was I inspired by someone doing his duty? Well, we are in India where duty is neglected more than often. Hence it seemed quite astonishing. We as a society have progressed (actually regressed) to a stage where it seems miraculous only if someone does his or her duties!


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