Today, I joined the Central Leather Research Institute as an intern. I shall be interning under Dr R C Panda in the Chemical Engineering department. He’s a nice kind of man. He’s very soft spoken. He looks and acts like a typical scientist, always keeps a neutral face just like me.
Today, I visited the pilot plant they have at the institute, I learnt much about the equipment they use to prepare or test industrial chemicals. Even though they primarily deal with leather chemicals, the feel of a chemical plant is the same. I quite liked being on the factory floor.
I must be the first first year intern who’d ever attended at CLRI. The faculty there are still very supportive.
I totally love the campus, it’s certainly a few degrees cooler there. It feels like you’re in the middle of a forest. The buildings are old and dilapidated but the equipment and indoors are well maintained.
I had innovative ideas about fractional distillation while learning about it. I have a different design for the columns in mind. I’ll explore of they’re actually a working design under my mentor’s guidance.


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