Meet-up at Elliot’s Beach

I met up with Satish, a friend from school at the Elliot’s beach last Saturday. He’s studying Metallurgy at NIT-T. He is doing a project on metal characteristics at IIT-M which is extremely cool. He hasn’t changed a bit!
It was a fun time. He gave me a fresh perspective to life at an NIT. Sounds like I’d hate it. I may be saying that because I didn’t make it but I don’t know! We had a constructive conversation about higher education, the value of knowledge and how we needed to get out of this country for better education.
Bessie was a lot more crowded that I’d have liked. Turns out the summer heat (which I feel isn’t much) is pushing people out towards the sea. Oh and I discovered that the giant blow-up slide (whatever it was called) is no more. Strangely, the beach reminded me of the tsunami. That is strange because we were not even in Chennai when the Boxing Day tsunami struck.
We also hung out at a nearby cafe – Costa Coffee. The coffee was good but the service was poor and of course, it was overpriced. Not to mention, noisy!


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