A trip down my medical history

Today, I had a master health check up. I did it on my own terms without a reference from a doc. I was worried because I was getting thin.
A health check up is supposed to reveal details about the present state of one’s body. But this one revealed a medical procedure I had undergone years ago. My parents never told me about it! I suppose it must have been hard for them to keep such a secret.
When I was born, I was diagnosed with a case of hydronephrosis. That is the buildup of urine in the kidney due to a blockage in the drainage mechanism. When I was five months old, I was operated upon and the ureter was set right. This left a small scar. I was a VERY curious kid and I used to ask MANY questions (very difficult ones). The doc decided that my parents better not tell me about it lol! They told me it was because I got scratched by a wire when I was young! I totally bought that!!!
Bottom line is now I’m perfectly normal and the only possible explanation for my weight loss is the unbalanced hostel food.


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