Are Indians loudmouthed?

I’m on a public bus en route to CLRI and the rumble of the bus’s engine isn’t the only noise I’m enduring. A much more irritating noise escapes the mouths of my fellow passengers. Should Indians learn the art of silence at least in public places?
Everyone has things to say but should we all say them at once? And is it a good idea to let other people hear what we speak?
People often don’t travel alone and when we have company it certainly is difficult to not speak. But then again there just be limits to everything. I also observe that these noisy people are mostly my generation or those from older generations hailing from the lower portions of the social strata. In their circles, it certainly holds true that the loudest one wins the argument. There is very little scope for a quieter person to develop at one of those places. I can to an extent excuse them for their indiscretion but my peers just get carried away!
I think being silent is an art everyone needs to master.


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