More photos coming?

As you may have gathered from my other blog, the Wolfpack is going trekking in the western ghats!
We leave in five days time. We will travel by train to Mangalore and then get to Arasinamakki where we’ve contacted a local to provide us with a homestay base camp.
The key point – monsoon has set in over the Western Ghats!!! That means the forests will be lush green and fresh with the smell of the wet ground! The exact nature of the trek is not decided however, we do not plan to take a guide with us. The Forest Department’s permission must be ready by now with our host. I’ve asked my uncle to loan me his military issue boots which arrive today – I really hope they fit.
We have finalized two routes for the trek. One right on the banks of the Kabini river, along the valley, all the way to its primary catchment area and the other through the teeming jungle and up a hill. The first route will probably be flooded because of the monsoon and we may not be able to take it. The second route was actually suggested by the local host and it is probably a safer bet. The most important feature of the routes is that no established trail exists! We will be trailblazing!
But there is a hiccup. My Canon IXUS IS15 is not functional. I am currently left without a camera! I shall attempt to get it repaired tomorrow but the chances are slim. My Karbonn Android One is a fairly good shooter but the battery sucks and I am  not sure I would want to risk my primary communications and navigation device in the Ghat Monsoon.
This is also a test to my gear! The unused military boots, the trail-new rucksack -my Wildcraft Gangotri 65, the clothes I’m about to purchase. Overall, my wanderlust has set in and I hope that this trip is only a humble beginning to a long list of similar adventures!

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