First leech bite

After we came back from our mini trek cum area exploration, we had tea and were resting in our rooms waiting for the sun to sink and dinner to be served.
I was lying on my bed when suddenly, I felt a drop of water trickle down my leg. I’m very sensitive to changes on my skin – maybe due to me having a much body hair! I immediately realised that there was no possibility for that drop to be sweat as I hadn’t exerted myself in over half-hour and the temperature was very cool. I rolled up my pant to see what it was.
That was when I saw it. Black, slimy and fat – a leech was sucking away at my leg, slightly above where my socks would end. I wasn’t wearing my boots or my socks when we had gone exploring as it was a spontaneous thing. As I think about it, I find it remarkable that I didn’t freak out because I’m not overly fond of insects and I do my best to stay away. Perhaps it was because I had run the scenario of leech bites in my mind multiple times before setting out for the journey. By repeatedly visualizing leeches I had come to accept leech bites as a natural part of trekking, an inevitability.
I informed my friends and asked for a match box. First I tried dousing the leech in salt solution which didn’t work. Then I burnt it off after losing a few match sticks and more than few hairs!

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