Homestay at last

As soon as we reached we were greeted by our ever kind host Mr Kashinath Damle. He showed us to our rooms and offered us Arisi Rotis. They reminded me of the ones my mom used to make.
Shortly after eating and familiarizing ourselves with our host, we proceeded to the river.
The homestay had changed. But I couldn’t complain. The tree house that was available was removed because some of the supporting trees had fallen pray to a lightning storm. We arrived just a week after the onset of monsoon and the river was at full flow capacity. The otherwise clear stream was mildly red and muddy because it was washing away the slit that had settled in the weaker summer flow. The river was still usable but the stream velocity was higher.
There was a constant and mild rain. We proceeded to explore the nearby areas and the river itself all by ourselves. We picked up a stick to measure the depth of the river and waded our way to the other bank and explored it for nearly an hour. We then swum in the river till 2 PM.
At two we had lunch consisting of chapathi, coconut milk rice and the local varieties of sambhar and dal. The sambhar was sweet and the dal was very similar to Tamil rasam! After the chappathi I was surprised to see a white fluid dish being served – it seemed very similar to curd rice. Tamils and pretty much everyone eats curd last. I was surprised more that I was served a lump of ghee for that dish! It turned out to be coconut milk rice – it is eaten with ghee, salt and pickle. It was amazing.
We went up to the entrance of the resort to get a BSNL signal and assure our parents of our safety. The resort had had no power for more than a day and the BSNL repeater was without power too so the network was unavailable in our rooms. After, we talked on the phones, we started taking a walk along the mountain road. We walked aimlessly, nowhere to get to and no schedule to keep. After half an hour, we came across a small bridge like structure leading up to a couple of steps carved out of the soil. Naturally we were curious and started following that rabbit path up the hill. We walked a considerable distance along it. I noticed some worm like creature sucking at Abishek’s shoe. It was some sort of leech! We finally came back to the homestay at 4.
After a tea our host Mr Damle, took us to visit a nearby waterfall where the river had eroded the rocks into a myriad of curious shapes over the many years. We saw a HUGE python hanging on to a branch in the stream. HUGE!


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