Mangalore – delayed but delighted

The train was scheduled to arrive at 3:50, however it arrived two hours later!
Frankly, I think it is better that we were delayed. Otherwise, at 4:00 we could not have found a palatable breakfast. Also, we got to sleep for a bit longer. We had breakfast at Hotel Sri Harsha – not a five dtar, just a small establishment which provided us safe to eat and freshly made idlies with the local version of sambhar.
Their sambhar was much different from Tamil sambhar. Firstly, it had more coconut. And somehow had a sweet taste partly because of the coconut and partly because of what I consider a pumpkin like vegetable. Each of us had two plates of idlis. The total bill came to 108 rupees.
We had to walk a long distance (by Arvind’s account) to reach the bus stop. Buses to Nelyadi weren’t available so we boarded a bus to Uppinangadi from where we shall transfer towards Nelyadi and then move onto Arasinamakki. The bus tickets costs the three of us 108 rupees.
It seems like our journey has God’s backing.


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