Roller coaster jeeps

It turned out to be a huge ordeal to reach the resort. I thought it would be as simple as boarding a second bus from Uppinangadi. But buses from Uppinangadi to Nelyadi are a rarity. People kept pointing us to a single spot in the bus stand where the Nelyadi bus would come. But me being me, I kept asking people some of them twice and finally one person directed us to use the Jeep service which seems to be the lifeline of these hills (or any hills for that matter).
We boarded a Jeep with all our luggage – Arvind had two bags (much to my dismay), I had my 65L Wildcraft and Abishek packed the lightest with a simple school bag. Now, the jeep held all of us, our luggage and also EIGHT more people! Surprisingly, more people approached the Jeep! They stood on the outside holding whatever supports their hands could find and standing on the rear side footboards and mud guards.
Upon reaching Nelyadi, I told the driver that we had to make our way to Arasinamakki and he promptly pointed to another Jeep! This time Abishek and I readily took our places outside the Jeep holding on for dear life for the next twenty odd ascents and descents and hairpin bend! Oh my God! It was an amazing experience!
Finally, from Arasinamakki village we had to find the homestay cottages but the cell network was down and we had to rely once again on HUMINT (human intelligence, it’s a military term). We received directions from a local and started walking in the general direction. We walked, and we walked but there was no sign of the place! Ibkmee that it was on a downhill road from the main road but I couldn’t identify which. After much more walking and checking out wrong paths and more direction asking, we reached that heavenly place.
My God! What a journey!!!


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