Night after the Trek

Naturally, we were all spent, but only physically, our minds were still yearning to wander about the pristine lands that we had just navigated. It was only when we got back to our room that we realised that the water level had increased by at least a two feet. The picturesque bamboo bridge that was at the resort was submerged. Abishek still wanted to try his luck at swimming, so we got back into the water – now muddier than ever, colder than ever and the current, faster than ever! I wisely decided to stay out of the middle where the stream was deepest and fastest. I was relieved to know that I could still swim against a powerful stream!
Arvind joined us much later, but with a different motive – he wanted to take photos in the river to show his parents! After our photo shoot, we retired to our rooms.
That is when two very significant things happened. One, Abishek fell sick and the second, I picked up an insect in my hands and threw it away. We don’t know why he fell sick but it was most probably due to him drinking the muddy river water. We used the resources at our disposal – the first aid kit and Arvind’s quintessential store of vomiting tablets.
Even though I was never afraid of insects per se, I avoided them whenever possible and when not possible, I moved my arms frantically. But seeing Abishek pick up a bug and throwing it out, inspired me to follow suit. After all, I had to get over it at some time!

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