Dharmasthala, Moodbidri and Mangalore

We left the resort, fulfilled but wanting more. I believe that it is one of those places one could visit a million times and still not tire of it!
Our host brought to our notice a car museum at Dharmasthala and recommended that we visit the Thousand Pillar Jain Temple at Moodbidri. Abishek was still sick, we could see that he was tired but I knew he wouldn’t complain and I knew he had it in him to travel more. The three of us discussed our plan (a plan by my definition :P). We departed to catch the 11 AM bus to Dharmasthala.
We reached Dharmasthala in roughly one and half hours. We stowed away our luggage at the free cloak room and proceeded to the museum. Abishek had thrown up once again during our ride in. He wanted off the carousel and offered to wait near the cloak room while Arvind and I visit the museum. I knew Abishek well, his desire for travel was as good as mine and his endurance was no lesser. If he wanted out, I knew he was quite beat! The museum itself was not very impressive to my eyes but perhaps my mind was elsewhere. Either way, I never was the museum kind of guy. I couldn’t stare at an object for more than ten seconds. But Arvind had a visibly fun time at the museum. He didn’t rush through the exhibits. His eyes seemed to scan the cars as though he were looking to buy them! I’m glad at least one of us found the detour interesting! We went back to find Abishek sleeping in public in a very awkward position, on a wall, about a pillar! We had a light breakfast and purchased bananas for replenishment in case either of them threw up again. Arvind didn’t want to visit Moodbidri. Abishek was neutral on this and I wanted to go there. My motive was to make the most of our journey. Finally however, we boarded the bus to Moodbidri.
When we got there, I am sure that Arvind was relieved that we visited the place. It was beautiful!

We spent so time at the temple which was serene and silent. The stone pillars were so well preserved unlike most Hindu temples where millions of people’s hands would have eroded the intricate carvings, in fact at this temple visitors weren’t allowed to touch the stone! At around 5 PM we started our journey back to Mangalore with hopes of catching the west coast sunset at Thanirbhavi beach. Sunset was supposed to be at 7 PM – plenty of time for us to get to the beach. But one crucial link in my plan – the ferry service from Sulthan Battery to the Beach was not scheduled to run after 6:45 PM. We spent the sunset at the battery itself. My only consolation was that we would not have been able to see the sun set in such overcast skies anyway.
All through this time, the Youth consultation was on my mind. I had made a few calls from Dharmasthala trying to get my mother to pay for the conference over the internet and apologising for not being able to attend the consultation in person. At Mangalore, I finally had access to a 3G network, but my phone was giving me other troubles – low internal memory, overheating and low battery! I needed to find a net cafe soon!
On our way to the rail station, I spotted a net cafe but I failed to factor in the time for our dinner. By the time I came back to the cafe, it was closed! But something in me still gave me hope of making the upload. I used the charging point at the waiting room and made the upload. I also talked to the organisers over phone, explaining my situation. Finally just before I was about to board the train, it was done!

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