Youth Consultation – Good morning with great news!

It hadn’t been a good night for Abishek but he showed signs of recovery. He seemed to be fit enough to have a light breakfast and travel. It was a good thing that he packed ultra-light.
I woke up early and seeing that I had an internet connection on my phone, wanted to check my email. I hadn’t checked since we left Chennai three days earlier. There were the usual social media emails which I promptly deleted, almost unconsciously. There was something else too!
There was a three day old mail from the Association of World Citizens. I was one of the youth delegates selected for the Youth Consultation they were conducting. The email read:

Dear Akash,
Congratulations!  on being accepted for the Youth consultation being organized by Association of World Citizens for World Humanitarian summit under the mandate of United Nations Major group for children and Youth.  We are pleased to notify you that after a thorough review of your application, you have been chosen to participate in our conference. The application process was particularly competitive. We were impressed by the quality of your submissions, and you are a part of a small group selected as delegates of the India Youth consultation for World humanitarian summit.
Also you would have to prepare one small presentation either in form of ppt or oral on any of the four given themes that you may also find attached with this mail.We look forward to see you in the Youth Consultation at Indian Society of International Law,Delhi. We would request you to collect your delegate IDs and file from the registration desk. Please find the schedule of events with this mail.

I continued reading the email and to my petrifaction, the summit was the next day at New Delhi! My mind went nuts thinking how I missed such an amazing opportunity! But something within me told me to read on, and I did. In the middle of one of the three attachments was a small paragraph that gave me a glimmer of hope. I was allowed to record and send a video message but that deadline was within 18 hours! I couldn’t compromise on the video quality, a 5 minute 480p video would take upwards of 150 Mb! There was no way I could upload such a large file over 2G!!! I went ahead nevertheless. We were to leave the resort at 10 AM. With Arvind’s steady hands and patience, after many takes, my video was recorded, now I only had to send it.

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