Service at Tribal School

Much like the discrimination of the Red Indians in North America, Indian tribes who are the original inhabitants of the land have been subject to discrimination for decades. Their plight only worsened after independence - they were being exploited by their own country!Historically, they have been carefree peoples whose only concern is their immediate survival. [...]


Death by Oblivion

Originally written on 7th March, 2015:I'm at a small town railway station - waiting for the train that will take me home. It's a sleepy railway station. It is quiet and not very well lit. I have always lived near the railway tracks. I'd been a regular commuter too. Trains have always evoked in me [...]

Poem: Lost on a Straight Road

Lost in a flurry of anonymous facesOf which all are familiarOf which I know noneA lone soul in a sea of souls,I am a ghost, plain airI elicit no gaze, greet.Against the multitude of noiseA distant orchestra plays,A song with no rhythm, no countSlow, unyielding and melancholy -A symphony of noisesThat mirror my breath, thought.Skin [...]

Editor at Chemunique

Last year, I submitted an article about Fingerprints and the methods employed to examine them in ChemUnique the in-house magazine of the Indian Institute of Chemical Engineers (IIChE) Student Chapter at SASTRA. It was published in the final issue of last year. I was pleased. But I had made up my mind then, that I [...]