Editor at Chemunique

Last year, I submitted an article about Fingerprints and the methods employed to examine them in ChemUnique the in-house magazine of the Indian Institute of Chemical Engineers (IIChE) Student Chapter at SASTRA. It was published in the final issue of last year. I was pleased. But I had made up my mind then, that I would be a bigger part of the magazine from the next issue. Merely submitting articles didn’t satisfy me.
Hence, this time I applied to be part of the editorial board. For the selection process, I submitted a 200 word article on Pharmacogenomics. I was extremely satisfied with the article. I believe that the article represented the growth I have achieved as a writer, my language was lucid yet sophisticated and the message was delivered with clarity. I was sure that I’d be selected.
I am now an editor of the magazine. I’ll certainly give it my best! I’ve understood the importance of formal language and email etiquette from the briefing by Keerthana Krishnan, the ex-editor-in-chief. I’ve already started learning things about editing, where to look for errors and how they just slip past you!
I’m sure that Smitha ma’am from school will be very pleased! I attribute my accomplishment to the countless things I’ve learnt from her – in English and in values!

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