Book review: Asura by Anand Neelakantan

I had never been a fan of Indian novelists and authors, somehow, they seemed to lack the sophistication and eloquence that only comes with speaking English as the first language. Of course, there are countless Indian authors who could challenge the best from the West.Putting aside my thirst for memorable literature, I could always read … Continue reading Book review: Asura by Anand Neelakantan


Service at Government Leprosy Home

As Share Your Hands becomes more and more popular, we are finding it increasingly difficult to find sufficient funds to carry out our activities. In the face of such a fund shortage, we hatched a plan to act as conduits. We have connections to many organisations that are in need of materiel and also we … Continue reading Service at Government Leprosy Home

Magazine Published!

The first issue of the fourth volume of ChemUnique, the in-house chemical engineering magazine, has been released. It was released on the 28th of July at the inaugural function of the IIChE chapter for the academic year 2015-16.It was an amazing experience - working with seniors and my classmates alike. I have learnt more than … Continue reading Magazine Published!