Service at Government Leprosy Home

As Share Your Hands becomes more and more popular, we are finding it increasingly difficult to find sufficient funds to carry out our activities. In the face of such a fund shortage, we hatched a plan to act as conduits. We have connections to many organisations that are in need of materiel and also we are in  touch with students who wanted to donate.
The new plan was to enable those who wanted to celebrate some special days in special ways. Our first philanthropist was Vamsi from two rooms away, he wanted to celebrate his parent’s birthdays. He wanted to arrange for a lunch for those in need.
We at Share Your Hands facilitated the entire process from scouting the cooks, selecting the target organisation (Tamil Nadu Government Rehabilitation Home – a state sponsored home for those afflicted by leprosy), transporting the food and serving the food.
We had selected a home for people affected by leprosy for this service. The way the inmates conducted themselves was a lesson for life in itself! They queued up for lunch with such grace and order that it was too perfect!
It was heartening to see Vamsi sport a satisfied smile at the end of the day.
Share Your Hands is a student-run not-for-profit philanthropic organisation based in SASTRA University.

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