Last year of my teens!

I'm finally nineteen.The birthday was unique in many many ways! Firstly, there were no pesky, meaningless messages on Facebook because I had hidden my date of birth on my profile. Second;y, it was the first time anyone bothered to call me at 12 AM. Thirdly, my mom sent me a message at 12 AM wishing … Continue reading Last year of my teens!


Mind and Body – My Tryst with Yoga

I've previously mentioned Share Your Hands (SYH) in my posts. It is a student-run non profit organisation based in SASTRA University. This week, SYH kicked off yet another laudable effort for the welfare of society at large.With SYH acting as the conduit once more, SASTRA students who regularly practice yoga have been mobilised to impart … Continue reading Mind and Body – My Tryst with Yoga