Last year of my teens!

I’m finally nineteen.
The birthday was unique in many many ways! Firstly, there were no pesky, meaningless messages on Facebook because I had hidden my date of birth on my profile. Second;y, it was the first time anyone bothered to call me at 12 AM. Thirdly, my mom sent me a message at 12 AM wishing me luck, which was totally sweet because she thought I’d be asleep! Fourthly, no birthday bums this time!!!
The eventful day began in the day before, with Miss Jayaraman calling me well in advance to deter anyone else from ‘snatching’ the first wisher tag, despite my assurance that she had no competetion! After she slept, Pranesh – my classmate who shared my birthdate took the liberty of informing my entire class through the Whatsapp group. He also called to wish me, which was a pretty pleasant surprise. I didn’t expect anyone else to remember. Next on the phone was my classmate Sridhanya! She sleeps late! Too late! xD
It was a fulfilling night and the day was simply exceptional! Our IIChE Student Chapter was organising a programme to celebrate Engineer’s Day. I was participating in the IDP (Industry Defined Problem) event where we had to find solutions to real industrial issues. My IDP was the ‘Prevention of coal dust fires in collieries’. Due to the lack of a laptop, I had to make most of my presentation on my phone and when time came, I bagged third place!
A day to be remembered for all the right reasons!

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