My erstwhile study area

I like to have my own personal space where I keep my books and where I regularly study. Such places often improve my focus – if there aren’t any distractions.

I used to have such a space at home, my own room? No, we weren’t affluent enough for me to have my own room (yet). I had my own corner and it was just a amazing place! It measures about five feet both ways and is almost square. It sort of juts out from the bedroom creating a detachment from it. One can’t see my ‘corner’ without coming into the bedroom and walking up four feet – my four feet of freedom .

With a new book shelf on one side and windows covering the wall opposite the bedroom, my corner was perfect. The nifty and functional foldable writing pad was ideal for studying (and placing my laptop). I’d sit on the chair with my legs out the window, with a book in hand and mind lost in a reverie – only brought back to reality by the stern voice that emanated from the kitchen!

The cupboard was filled with things of all sorts, sizes and sources – the books, some older than I and some brand new, my collection of HotWheels cars which I had played with innumerable times, the odd rock that I found interesting, a broken tooth, the necessary stationery that were never to be found (except by my mom) when needed! In the chaos of the arrangement, I found some small solace – the corner was my own and my responsibility and that felt good.

Needless to say, when I left for university, I had to leave my corner behind. Now occupied by my sister, the corner is hardly the same as it used to be. I believe the place connects with the user. I don’t see my footprint there anymore. I can’t relate to it anymore. Oh! I lament the loss of my beloved corner!

PS: The photo is representative, my shelf looks wayyy cooler!


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