Fourth Semester

My third semester came to a not so extraordinary end. I had put in quite a bit of effort into my preparations during the study holidays and I did most of my examinations quite well.

However, the fourth paper, Inorganic Chemical Technology was quite a nasty shock. I had gone through question papers from yesteryears and studied everything from the prescribed textbook save a few flowsheets. No, the flowsheets I had skipped weren’t asked for in the examination. But then, the concepts I HAD studied weren’t the focus either. :/ The person who formulated the question paper was quite evidently my own professor and it bucked every possible trend. The exam was just short of disaster in my terms – certainly my classmates would baulk at my definition of disaster! In any case, I conducted a very comprehensive analysis of the question paper and concluded that nearly 40% of the marks were allotted to merely two flowsheets and their related concepts and that even with a lenient correction, I’d only score in the low 70s! True to my analysis, I landed with an A which meant I had scored around 70 marks.

I’d scored reasonably well in all my subjects and A was the lowest grade. I’d qualified for the Accelerated Credit System which led me to select Spoken Japanese as my open elective.

The subjects I have for this semester are purely chemical engineering subjects and the only chemistry paper is Analytical Techniques for Chemical Engineers which is my department elective for this semester. Choosing AT has been a good choice – the techniques being discussed are omnipresent in the fields of my interest and also have a link to my current research projects.

The commencement of the new semester has opened up several new avenues and has given me opportunities to revisit and make amends to several of my closest relationships – both personal and professional. Further, the new semester seems to herald a new chapter in my social life with the inclusion of new friends and unexpected partnerships!


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