Hostel Diaries: Bright idea!

What do you do when the only tube light in your dingy, cramped and damp hostel room refuses to provide illumination, upon which your performance in the examination the following day depends on?

Such moments are when a hosteler must pause from his (nonexistent) tightly packed study regimen and think.

*thinks to self*

“Any bright ideas?”

“You could approach the hostel authorities, who will undoubtedly question you as to how the tube light that was working fine for the last two years could suddenly fail. Furthermore, since it is already past 9, the new tube light would only arrive the next evening, if you’re lucky that is. It would turn out to be more dependent on the electrician’s lunch schedules and state of affairs at home than luck.”

“Are you insane?”

“I know you’re not gonna study anyway but we can’t not do anything about it”

*scratches head*

*lightbulb glows over head*

Even Obama agrees...

No, that is not the light that miraculously lit up again, it’s the bright ideas that can only strike a hosteler.

*quietly waits for roll call to end, pulls up a chair outside the room, removes the tube light from outside, swaps with the burnt out light*


*basks in self appreciation, grins to self, browses Internet, writes blog post*

“Shit! Exam tomorrow?”



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