Origin: To Coimbatore

For the first time ever, I was going to bunk an entire day of college – the first time in my one and half year tango with SASTRA University.

However, I had a good reason to do so. I’m traveling to Coimbatore with my band, Origin. We were going to compete in Yugam, a fest organised by Kumaraguru College of Technology. It’s pretty high key for Coimbatore and the competition was expected to be none too easy. There is much glory to be found there.

We have train tickets but my seat alone is booked into a different compartment! We planned to switch but I eventually occupied the berth allotted to me.

It started off with a weird dinner of four vadas with loads of salt and chili powder. It was a wonderful journey – we talked about everything. But what dominated discussion was our quest to stalk a band member’s stalker! We never did, with the internet connection we had but, it was the most enjoyable conversation I had had in weeks!

Shortly after midnight, we felt sleep casting a shade on us and retired one after the other.

I slept holding my beloved bass guitar in my arms.

After a truncated and troublesome sleep, we woke up at four. At home – as we would call it for the next four days, we were greeted by coffee, so splendid and so wakeful!

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