Origin: the music

Days and nights hardly matter when one travels in a company of ludicrous, wanton and eternally spontaneous bunch of people (read Origin) – because one can’t tell when the night ended and day broke!

Perhaps there were no days or nights with them, they were there to mock, jibe, jeer and taunt when I was awake and they wouldn’t spare me in my sleep either! That epitomizes the magnitude of joy the band provides!

It was the day of the competition, we had all prepares for it – everyone had toiled for it. Yet, everyone knew that all we had was one shot to make it count. We didn’t capitalise on that one shot, regrettable indeed. What followed was a deconstruction of our performance, retrospection and rethinking our choices. It was a rewarding experience.

I remember one thing clearly though, my hands steady, my swagger new found and my confidence, reforged! I walked onto stage fearing no outcome and with no unsure steps. I climbed with my bass hung behind my back. I enjoyed every second on stage, I swayed, swerved and swivelled.

I don’t dedicate more than one paragraph for the event itself because, this blog is a mirror of my mind, I didn’t think about it for nearly as long as I had fun with the band! The fun outweighed everything else!

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