The Best Stage So Far

As part of Origin, I have already participated in two competitions but my third was the best in many ways.

IMG_ edited
Jolly gang!

Firstly, the location – we were to perform within the University premises and compete with bands from other colleges in the Eastern Band event of Kuruksastra 2016. As far as I am concerned, it couldn’t get bigger than that. Getting a chance to perform in front of my peers is pretty huge and it has come just when people are starting to know I play the bass.

Secondly, we won. Three times was indeed a charm for our band. I must admit however, that the bands that competed were mediocre but for one or two acts which were very commendable and hence we haven’t yet proven our worth completely.

Thirdly, the stage itself was as good a stage as we could ever get anywhere. We had performed on the same stage, through the same sound system which will be used by acclaimed musicians in the following two days!

Fourthly, the audience included some notable persons who had taken time off their busy schedule to come watch me perform. My mother and sister had traveled all the way from Chennai for this purpose. It was incredibly nice of my Fluid Mechanics instructor, Dr. P. R. Naren to come and watch.

However, it was disheartening to note that none but three of my classmates had shown up. I could attribute it to the heat and the timing of the performance perhaps. But I never did expect anyone to come because that makes it much better when someone comes at all – it is a surprise and I love surprises.