The Only Laid Back Afternoon

This semester has been the best and the worst. The better things kept washing up like sea foam against one’s feet at the beach and the worse things kept battering like choppy seas on a stormy night.

There has been no respite. The semester has been continuous. This is in fact the first and the last weekend that is off!

Nothing feels as good as waking up at  one’s leisure, knowing an extra minute (or hour) of sleep would do no foul! I spent this afternoon in the company of the my most faithful friends – books. I finished reading To Kill a Mockingbird and have begun reading another amazingly written and translated book, Norwegian Wood by Murakami.

I had almost forgotten what it is like to have time to spare and time to relax. In fact, if not for today, the possibility that I would have forgotten how to relax is real, present and intimidating.

I took this opportunity to revisit the humble start to my association with English. I reread the letter of recommendation from my high school English teacher. It reminded me of what I once was and what University is making me.

I can say that I’ve created this blog for many reasons. One reason is that the engineering curriculum and my self imposed extra loads offer me little opportunity to write like before. I fear what little language I know, shall leave me.

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