Editor-in-chief of ChemUnique

One year ago, during my second semester, I submitted a rather fascinating article on fingerprints and the chemicals involved in their identification. I remember distinctly how random and spur of the moment that article was.

I was fetching tea one evening at SPS hostel when I stumbled upon a poster from my own department. Inspired and due to depravation of literary stimulus, I immediately decided to write an article. Only then did it strike me that my laptop was out of order. But I had already decided not to let such an opportunity pass – I did what I find most unnatural and most offsetting. I borrowed.

I remember walking – no, running up the stairs after draining the hot tea into my mouth. I remember the orange glow of the setting sun illuminating the staircase. I borrowed the laptop from the an ECE student, I wasn’t even on great terms with him – I was that desperate.

I remember sitting out in the corridor outside his room, connecting to the WiFi, unmindful of thoroughfare of my peers. In one hour, around 8 PM I had completed the article. It took me one hour to write. I knew there was a word limit of 500 words but I pushed it and decided to try my luck. I mailed it shortly afterwards.

That was where my journey with ChemUnique began. I had already decided that merely sending articles didn’t cut it. I wanted a bigger role and I made my desire known. By the third semester, I submitted another article for the selection process and was chosen as an Editor.

Here I am now, Editor-in-chief. Hearing my seniors’ opinions on my articles, I am filled with a sense of relief that I have lived up to what my English teachers thought I was, I have lived up to how my mom used to proclaim proudly, “English la super ah ezhudhuvan!”

Having made it so far, I can’t help but look back at the innumerable things that could have gone wrong. I could have decided that day that I couldn’t write an article so fast or I could have gone with what every cell in my body was telling me, “Don’t borrow”. I could have been shot down for exceeding the word limit. They could have told me  that the deadline has elapsed. But these things didn’t happen.

I searched ChemUnique in my mail and scrolled down all the way and found this. My humble origin at ChemUnique.

My first mistake
My first lesson
Lesson learnt and declaration of intent!

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