Quenchua Forclaz 10* Hiking Sleeping Bag

Cheap but bulky.

I made a huge mistake in purchasing this sleeping bag and I shall not recommend it to any of my fellow trekkers unless all you’re going camping with a vehicle.

Available at 1400 INR, it is one of the cheapest 10 degree sleeping bags available. However, there is a very good reason why it is that cheap. It is huge when you roll it up! So huge that it occupied nearly all of my bottom compartment in my 65L Gangotri rucksack! In fact, I even had a bit of trouble stuffing it in!

If a sleeping bag doesn’t fit in a rucksack, it is just not worth lugging around.forclaz-10-hiking-sleeping-bag-blue-left-zip-1forclaz-10-hiking-sleeping-bag-blue-left-zip

The sleeping bag however, fits me, a 5’11” guy quite well with a small amount of wriggle space. It kept me very warm through the nights and I had no problems with the my extremities either. I wore no socks but my feet didn’t complain.

The fastener at the head is a bit tricky to use and the zipper seems to be of poor quality. Weighing in at 1100 g it is a bit on the heavier side – especially for longer treks where each gram could be a gram too much.

The only thing that works for this 10 degree sleeping bag is the low price but you could definitely use it for road camping trips or short treks.


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