Bucket List

Some people think that bucket lists are a personal thing. I disagree.Why am I making this public? Because why not! Because maybe some others may find inspiration to add some of these to their own lists!
Here is a list of things that I wish to accomplish in my life and some things that I’ve already done!

  1. Sing and play the guitar in NYC Metro
  2. Hitchhike across the country. Into the wild style.
  3. Visit the Kumbhalgarh Fort
  4. Trek to Kanamo Peak, visit Key Monastery
  5. Get a tattoo!
  6. Buy a DSLR (and not call yourself a photographer)
  7. Trek in Bhutan – possibly to the Tiger’s Nest and Haa Valley
  8. Trek along the frozen Zanskar River
  9. Post letters from the world’s highest post office at Hikkim
  10. Ride into Spiti and Ladakh

Completed so far!

  1. Take a lone wolf trip to the Himalayas
  2. Take a trip alone and find yourself

…more soon!


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