A Lesson on Happiness

A major moment of self-discovery during a late night walk in Manhattan


Night after the Trek

Naturally, we were all spent, but only physically, our minds were still yearning to wander about the pristine lands that we had just navigated. It was only when we got back to our room that we realised that the water level had increased by at least a two feet. The picturesque bamboo bridge that was … Continue reading Night after the Trek

First leech bite

After we came back from our mini trek cum area exploration, we had tea and were resting in our rooms waiting for the sun to sink and dinner to be served.I was lying on my bed when suddenly, I felt a drop of water trickle down my leg. I'm very sensitive to changes on my … Continue reading First leech bite

Homestay at last

As soon as we reached we were greeted by our ever kind host Mr Kashinath Damle. He showed us to our rooms and offered us Arisi Rotis. They reminded me of the ones my mom used to make.Shortly after eating and familiarizing ourselves with our host, we proceeded to the river.The homestay had changed. But … Continue reading Homestay at last

Roller coaster jeeps

It turned out to be a huge ordeal to reach the resort. I thought it would be as simple as boarding a second bus from Uppinangadi. But buses from Uppinangadi to Nelyadi are a rarity. People kept pointing us to a single spot in the bus stand where the Nelyadi bus would come. But me … Continue reading Roller coaster jeeps