Three trains, 190 rupees, 700 odd kilometers and one frugal traveller!


Rustic Rhapsody

  Rustic scenes from a rustic town. My mode of travel for weeks to come! The ring of the bell, the groaning wheels, The creaky brakes and jumpy seat, The lapping waves on the sand, The salty sea breeze, combine In an orchestra churning a rustic rhapsody.

Religion and Women’s Rights

This is not an overall view or essay on women's rights movements or feminism. Here, I lament about how recent and ongoing women's rights movements in India leave me at odds with myself on the issue. To give my readers a short background, I have been brought up in an Liberal Hindu Brahmin family in … Continue reading Religion and Women’s Rights


Athisiyam!", says a tired voice Breaking the morbid silence Of the sleepy small town rail station. A lone figure, in an old, dirty Perhaps hand-me-down sweater, Moves slowly down the platform. Shattering the immobility Of the queer, unmoving station. His movement reflects burden Of mind and of body. His grey hair and shrill voice fading, … Continue reading Athisiyam

Mind and Body – My Tryst with Yoga

I've previously mentioned Share Your Hands (SYH) in my posts. It is a student-run non profit organisation based in SASTRA University. This week, SYH kicked off yet another laudable effort for the welfare of society at large.With SYH acting as the conduit once more, SASTRA students who regularly practice yoga have been mobilised to impart … Continue reading Mind and Body – My Tryst with Yoga

Book review: Asura by Anand Neelakantan

I had never been a fan of Indian novelists and authors, somehow, they seemed to lack the sophistication and eloquence that only comes with speaking English as the first language. Of course, there are countless Indian authors who could challenge the best from the West.Putting aside my thirst for memorable literature, I could always read … Continue reading Book review: Asura by Anand Neelakantan