Rustic Rhapsody

  Rustic scenes from a rustic town. My mode of travel for weeks to come! The ring of the bell, the groaning wheels, The creaky brakes and jumpy seat, The lapping waves on the sand, The salty sea breeze, combine In an orchestra churning a rustic rhapsody.


Homestay at last

As soon as we reached we were greeted by our ever kind host Mr Kashinath Damle. He showed us to our rooms and offered us Arisi Rotis. They reminded me of the ones my mom used to make.Shortly after eating and familiarizing ourselves with our host, we proceeded to the river.The homestay had changed. But … Continue reading Homestay at last

Day X the long awaited mission is here

Finally we board the West Coast Express that will take us to Mangalore Central. And already, we've had our first experience. Or rather Arvind had a lesson on how to deal with transgenders trying to extract money from you.The train departed late and I expect it to reach Mangalore at least an hour later than … Continue reading Day X the long awaited mission is here

Meet-up at Elliot’s Beach

I met up with Satish, a friend from school at the Elliot's beach last Saturday. He's studying Metallurgy at NIT-T. He is doing a project on metal characteristics at IIT-M which is extremely cool. He hasn't changed a bit!It was a fun time. He gave me a fresh perspective to life at an NIT. Sounds … Continue reading Meet-up at Elliot’s Beach