Salomon X-Scream

Comfortable, reliable and trendy. Although a completely unknown brand to me, I used a pair of these for my Triund and Ilaqa Trek in the Himalayas. Being trail runners and not trekking boots, they are light enough to not weigh you down but heavy enough to stabilise you on tricky paths. Waterproofing: The first thing I … Continue reading Salomon X-Scream


Lessons from Triund: Socialising

Solo-travel is oxymoronic. One can never travel alone. There are always people sharing a part of the path with you. To me and to anyone who finds “classic, no nonsense” train travel fantastic, no train journey can be complete without the swaying and swerving of the train carriages, the sound of the wheels racing on … Continue reading Lessons from Triund: Socialising

Youth Consultation – Good morning with great news!

It hadn't been a good night for Abishek but he showed signs of recovery. He seemed to be fit enough to have a light breakfast and travel. It was a good thing that he packed ultra-light. I woke up early and seeing that I had an internet connection on my phone, wanted to check my … Continue reading Youth Consultation – Good morning with great news!