The Only Laid Back Afternoon

This semester has been the best and the worst. The better things kept washing up like sea foam against one's feet at the beach and the worse things kept battering like choppy seas on a stormy night. There has been no respite. The semester has been continuous. This is in fact the first and the [...]


The Best Stage So Far

As part of Origin, I have already participated in two competitions but my third was the best in many ways. Firstly, the location - we were to perform within the University premises and compete with bands from other colleges in the Eastern Band event of Kuruksastra 2016. As far as I am concerned, it couldn't [...]

Origin: the music

Days and nights hardly matter when one travels in a company of ludicrous, wanton and eternally spontaneous bunch of people (read Origin) - because one can't tell when the night ended and day broke! Perhaps there were no days or nights with them, they were there to mock, jibe, jeer and taunt when I was [...]

Origin: To Coimbatore

For the first time ever, I was going to bunk an entire day of college - the first time in my one and half year tango with SASTRA University. However, I had a good reason to do so. I'm traveling to Coimbatore with my band, Origin. We were going to compete in Yugam, a fest [...]

Hostel Diaries: Bright idea!

What do you do when the only tube light in your dingy, cramped and damp hostel room refuses to provide illumination, upon which your performance in the examination the following day depends on? Such moments are when a hosteler must pause from his (nonexistent) tightly packed study regimen and think. *thinks to self* "Any bright [...]

Switch to

I have switched my blog from blogger to wordpress because of obvious reasons. I find it easier to edit the structure of the blog here. I've also added a new page that contains my bucket list. It's sort of a project, let's see how that turns out. Many things have elapsed since the last post. [...]