Dakshin Kannada

My first trip without adults. First trip with friends. I believe it signified my metamorphosis from a teenager to a young adult.

Trip Details:
Places visited: Arasinamakki, Mangalore, Dharmasthala, Moodibidri
Year: 2015
Month: June
Number of people: Three
Accommodation: Stream of Joy Homestay, Arasinamakki
Total expenditure: INR 10500
Weather: Extremely wet

This wasn’t the actual plan. But based on inputs from our host at the homestay, we made extemporaneous additions to the plan. This is the plan as it materialised during our trip.

  • Day 1:
    Leave from Chennai Central (MAS) on West Coast Express (22637)
  • Day 2:
    • Reach Mangalore Central (MAQ)
    • Light breakfast (must be light)
    • Bus to Nellyadi
    • Jeep to Arasinamakki
    • Walk to homestay
    • Rest of the day off
  • Day 3
    • Start early and trek along the river
    • Return before nightfall
    • Rest for the night
  • Day 4
    • Start early
    • Bus to Dharmasthala
    • Car museum at Dharmasthala (not so great)
    • Visit the Lord Manjunatha Temple at Dharmasthala (optional, but recommended)
    • Bus to Moodibidri
    • Visit the Thousand Pillar Jain Temple (highly recommended)
    • Bus to Mangalore
    • Take local bus to Sultan Battery
    • Take ferry to the beach
    • Watch sunset from Tannibhavi Beach (must)
    • Board the West Coast Express back to Chennai (22638)
  • Day 5
    • Back home

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